We’re all familiar with the Carry Handle Tapes, the one we hold on to when we buy a package of 6 bottles of water or a soft drink, as well as when we carry a package of toilet paper etc.

Over 20 years ago, after many efforts put into the R&D process, Davik was the first company in the world who succeeded in developing the Carry Handle Tape and we still serve as a global manufacturer until today.

The handle is composed of the unique polypropylene sheet, coated by an extra-durable glue, developed in the laboratories of Davik. The glue is being adapted to the type and material of the packaging. Over a billion of handles are being produced and sold all around the world annually. This product has become a hit in the Far East, Europe, USA, South America and of course – in homeland Israel.

The usage of carry handles is constantly expanding all around the world, as part of the efforts to reduce the polluting plastic bags,


The Carry Handle Tape is ideal for:

Manufacturers – Switching from cardboard boxes to shrink packaging with a carry handle. Manufacturers combine the handle in their packaging solutions and hence reducing the thickness of the shrink.

Retail – the big chain corporations discovered the enormous advantages of carry handle. For instance, when it comes to large products that won’t fit into a bag. Electronics, furniture, animal food and more. Another example, stores, and chains that are interested to avoid the use of expensive and polluting plastic bags – this suitable for shoe stores, department stores, etc.


We’re proud to be a leading company in the quest of reducing the usage of plastic bags – for an ecologically cleaner, greener world. 

There are 2 ways to incorporate the Carry Handle Tapes:

Automatically – with a piece of machinery that presses the handle to the packaging of the product at the end of the production line. This solution is suitable for products that are being developed on industrial lines at a minimal speed of 10 packages a minute.

Manual – Suitable for integrating at sales point (a cashier) or for manufacturers with low-capacity production lines. The manual placement is suitable for manufacturers who want to test the usefulness of this product.


The advantages of Carry Handle Tapes:

Sales boost – customers prefer products that are easy to carry and transport.
Reducing costs – the addition of the handles reduces packaging costs in amounts that are exceeding their cost.

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