TE-100- Tamper Evident Tape

This unique tape will leave clear evidence of any unauthorized attempt to open the package.

The tape is suitable for sealing cupboards, plastic bags, envelopes, surface markers and more.

After an unauthorized attempt to open the package, hidden writing appears such as “OPENED VOID”. The writing isn’t disappearing when attempting to seal the package again and the message “OPENED VOID” appears and highly noticeable even from a distance.

You may order rolls of adjusted width and height per demand and based on the amounts. For more information – contact us.

Please note:

  • The hidden message may be replaced and adjusted to the customers’ needs.
  • You may receive the tape with externally visible writing, such as the logo, for example.
  • The tape can be manufactured in various colors.
  • The tape can be received with a separating level and be used as a sticker,
  • The tap may be received with a monovalent identifier placed within fixed intervals (running number).


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Width (mm) Length (meter) Color The amount in a cupboard box
48 50 Red 36
75 66 Red 24
48 50 Blue 36
75 66 Blue 24
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TE-100- Tamper Evident Tape

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