SDT4435 – Metal Detection Splicing Tape

A unique product from Davik’s development unit. Allows for joining rolls to ensure continuous work in various industries.

The combination of powerful synthetic rubber (Hot-Melt) adhesive and aluminum sheeting allows not just splicing but also identifying the joint site using metal detectors installable on production lines.

The glue is used in the nonwoven fabric, flexible plastic sheeting and other industries.

Customer length and width rolls may be ordered upon demand, based on minimal quantities.
Please contact us for further information.

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Width (mm) Length (m) Color Number in box
25 50 Red 90
25 50 Blue 90
38 50 Red 48
38 50 Blue 48
48 50 Red 72
48 50 Blue 72
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SDT4435 – Metal Detection Splicing Tape

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