PET-009- Green Polyester tape

The tape is durable in temperatures up to 200 oC (392°F). The glue is composed of a polyester sheet and durable silicon adhesive designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, chemical attacks, and heat.

PET-006 is used for shielding and covering sensitive components that are being exposed to significant heat. Among others, printed circuits, metals intended for furnace coloring, composite materials and more.

You may order rolls of adjusted width and height per demand and based on the amounts. For more information – contact us

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Width (mm) Length (meter) Color The amount in a cupboard box
10 66 Green 10
12.7 66 Green 10
15 66 Green 10
19 66 Green 10
25 66 Green 10
35 66 Green 10
50 66 Green 10
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PET-009- Green Polyester tape

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