Skin Lite extra-thin stretch wrap films

  • Skin Lite extra – Extra-thin, strong films manufactured using an innovative process
  • Ensures major raw material cost savings without compromising on safety and stability in wrapping of pallets
  • 35% saving in sheet thickness without compromising the mechanical properties
  • Reduced pallet transport weight
  • Conforms to strict international standards
  • Less inventory, less wear – longer than standard roll length, fewer machine stops for roll changes

Custom stretch wraps with various prints and colors may be ordered – contact us for information

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Total weight (kg) Thickness (micron) Core weight (kg) Color Quantity per pallet Specification page
17.38 12 0.82 Transparent 69
17.38 15 0.82 Transparent 69
17.24 17 0.82 Transparent 69
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Skin Lite extra-thin stretch wrap films

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