Four emphasis when purchasing packaging equipment’s

No one sets out to intentionally make a mistake, but when human error occurs, it can have far-reaching consequences. As a service provider of consulting, sales, installation, and maintenance for End of Packaging Line equipment’s, we have seen many factory mistakes in planning and determining the equipment and machines needed for their packaging lines. Mistakes can be expressed in the wrong choice working methods, inadequate equipment or improper maintenance. The mistakes can occur in simple semi-automatic machines, as well as automatic and sophisticated lines. By proper and professional planning, you can avoid the four common mistakes at the next purchasing of packaging machines. These four mistakes will fully describe below. Not Providing Detailed Specifications to the Packaging Equipment Supplier Do not provide any relevant information about the packaged ...
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What are PSA Tapes

Every single day, a new application of adhesive tapes has been discovered. PSA- Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, is the primary type of glue to use for production of adhesive tapes, labels and more. We meet these products every day, adhesive tapes and labels are located on smartphones, computers, vehicles, at home, and in our office. In the past few years, tapes and label could be seen even on clothes. PSA could become adherent to many surfaces, as long as the surface is clean and dry, tapes and labels can be efficiently applying by the slight handy press. Application of PSA may not require to activating the glue by water, organic solvents or heat. The bonding strength is influenced directly by applied pressing forces. PSAs replace traditional fastening in every industry. More and more applications are created every moment, due to rapid improvement in adhesive technology, ...
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